Dynamic, thought provoking and emotionally intense. Peter Rossetti's contemporary pop songs are insightful detailed descriptions of life experiences ranging from relationships, to the emotional tides and triumphs of every day life. With an engaging singing style, an insatiable creative energy and a well-schooled musical background, it would appear that Peter is on his way to carving out his own unique musical niche. Those who have experienced his live performances agree, his passion and enthusiasm are evident in every song he plays.

Peter was introduced to the piano at the age of seven, several years of intense classical training eventually turned him off the instrument by a teacher who as he puts it, was preparing him for the piano Olympics. It wasn’t long after stopping, that he was back playing, only now experimenting with his own compositions. The guitar soon followed. Coming from a non-traditional music family, Peter was guided towards the study of math and sciences up until his second year at University. He then dropped out to follow his true passion for music and after completing a three-year music program, began performing actively around Toronto.

Several songs from his first CD found significant airplay on CBC stations across Canada.  It was supported by listeners truly captivated, by the emotion and depth of his writing. The common theme imprinted on his songs are the struggles we may all face in day to day life, spoken about in the verses, while the chorus’ sing of a more hopeful, uplifting, positive outcome.

Some of his influences would include Seal, David Gray, Depeche Mode and countless British pop bands. With a host of new material, live shows have grown in energy and intensity. Peter's latest CD Nothing You'd Wish Away recorded in 2005 is currently available online.



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